Asheville’s Corner Kitchen invites guests to participate in the second annual Dining in the Dark this April 22. Diners can expect a menu comprised of locally-sourced sustainable ingredients served in a partially lit environment to highlight the importance of Earth Day.

A historic building in Biltmore Village, Corner Kitchen is a 124-year-old Green Certified restaurant that accommodates more than 150,000 visitors every year. Co-owners Kevin Westmoreland and Chef Joe Scully say that making this celebrated building environmentally-friendly was a labor of love.

Westmoreland said, “I think about the energy I (and we) use every time I turn off a light switch. In an industry in which it is somewhat difficult to be green, I want to make every effort to do so. I also want to call attention to the simple things we can all do to help our environment. Dining in the Dark does that.”

Westmoreland and Scully’s commitment to green living and serving is illustrated by hosting events such as Dining in the Dark. By dimming the lights on April 22, they intend to increase awareness of the impact restaurants have on the environment.

“At Westmoreland and Scully, we try to complete the circle whereever we can. Dining in the dark is a good way to highlight what we all do, and should be doing, to help reduce waste and to remain conscious of our impact on the environment,” said Scully.

Restaurants in the U.S. have one of the greatest energy intensities of any type of commercial building—an average of 38 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and 111 cubic feet of natural gas annually per square foot.

In addition to the electricity savings measures emphasized by Corner Kitchen, the dinner will feature items that are locally produced and sustainably grown thus decreasing the carbon footprint of the Earth Day menu.

The Corner Kitchen welcomes new and loyal guests to take part in this unique experience. For reservations, please call 828-274-2439.

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