The Southern Highland Craft Guild bounces back from an unprecedented year with “Resilience,” its first member-focused show of 2021.

On the second level of the Folk Art Center, in the Focus Gallery, the work of five Guild members will be on display through April 27.

Disciplines include metalsmithing, quilting, hand-built and wheel thrown ceramics, woodcarving and leather tooling. Members featured are Joseph Rhodes, Diana Ramsay, Lynn Fisher, Karen Noggle, Judy Brater, and Marion Schlauch.

Jewelry pieces in the exhibit are by artist Joseph Rhodes.

“Following the show’s theme of ‘Resilience,’ gemstones are displayed in settings from the softest to hardest gems; amber being the softest, diamonds being the hardest,” Rhodes said.

Clay sculptures on display are the collaborative work of Judy Brater and Marion Schlauch.

“Marion and I have known and respected each other as female ceramic artists since the 1980s. We have a combined experience of 100 years,” said Brater. “Her expertise is throwing and mine is sculpture. As COVID started to affect our businesses, instead of closing up shop, we got together and started collaborating on pieces. What has developed is a new approach to our individual styles, and has helped us to remain enthusiastic in our craft.”

The Southern Highland Craft Guild is a non-profit, educational rganization established in 1930 to cultivate the crafts and makers of the Southern Highlands for the purpose of shared resources and conservation.

Admission to the Folk Art Center is free. The Folk Art Center is located at Milepost 382 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in east Asheville. The Center houses three galleries, a library, a craft shop and a Blue Ridge Parkway information desk and bookstore.

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