There are tons of vampire movies out there in the horror genre from classics like “The Lost Boys” to cult hits like “Near Dark” to more international films such as”Let the Right One In.”

Not all, however, are artsy attempts to expand on the vampire mythos or simple gore, jump scare fests.

Released in 2017, “The Night Watchmen” is pure brainless, vampire fun and mayhem. It never had a big-screen release, instead making the rounds at various festivals before being released online.

“The Night Watchmen” centers around four mostly incompetent security guards at a newspaper office in Baltimore. One of them is a new hire who is in the process of learning the job as a vampire plague tears through the city led by an undead clown named Blimpo. Blimpo’s body is accidently delivered to their building.

The four guards and one fearless journalist must unite and work together in order to survive against Blimpo’s troop of vampire clowns and those they have already turned.

Some of the film’s jokes are so bad that they will make the viewer cringe, but not all of them. There are full-on, laugh-out-loud moments in “The Night Watchmen,” too.

The end of the movie is a loose homage to Dario Argento’s “Demons,” as the survivors manage to escape the building only to end up facing an outside world that is just as filled with the undead.

All in all, the movie is certainly worth checking out for any fan of the genre looking for a simple, action-packed vampire romp.

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