The eighties were a very experimental time for DC Comics. With titles like "The Watchmen," Alan Moore's "Swamp Thing" and Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight," they explored truly dark and adult themes, while titles like "Camelot 3000" blended science fiction and fantasy featuring King Arthur and his knights being reborn into an overpopulated future world, fighting off an alien invasion.

Perhaps one of the best and most underrated titles to come out of this experimental period was "Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld." Its story centered on a young girl, Amy Winston, being raised by foster parents on Earth, who discovers that she is actually the orphaned princess of another dimension called Gemworld.

This other dimension is a place where magic is real and evil lurks in the darkest corners. Upon her 13th birthday, Amy is transported to Gemworld and becomes a 20-something woman mage named Amethyst. Though she is physically transformed, Amy's mind remains that of a 13-year-old girl. Amethyst soon learns the dark lord of the house of Opal seeks her death, as well as the conquest of all of Gemworld, and that she has to become a hero in order to stop him.

While the original Amethyst series could certainly get weird at times, thanks to its hero really only being 13 years old and in the body of a woman, its artwork was stunning and far above par for the era it was published in. The story overall was also a fun fantasy romp that took place in the magical realm of Gemworld and on Earth.

The first series of Amethyst was only a 12 maxi-series, but DC soon brought it back as an ongoing title that ran for another 16 issues, an annual, and a one-shot special. Despite not being able to sustain an ongoing book of her own, Amethyst remains an active character in the DCU who is a current ally of the Young Justice team and has been a guest star in numerous other titles.

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