Burial Forestry Camp, 10 Shady Oak Drive, will be the site of this year’s Burnpile. The location is home to Burial Beer Co.’s production facility, sour and wild barrel house and brewpub.

For aficionados of the adult beverage, music lovers and connoisseurs of conversation, Burial Beer Co. will unleash its 8th Annual Burnpile Harvest Fest, featuring beers from over 50 of the country’s best breweries, Saturday, Oct. 9, at the Burial Forestry Camp.

The iconic Underberg Toast is set to kick off the festivities. Tickets to this year’s event will be divided into three tiers:

• The VIP Experience ticket ($125) will include early bird entry into the festival, access to all Off Topic Conversations, limited-edition beer tastings, an event glass and meal ticket, plus admission to all concerts.

• General admission ($65) includes a Burnpile event glass, unlimited beer tasting, concert admission and more.

• Concert Go-er tickets ($40) offer entry to the concerts as well as a Burial can and wine bar, where beverages will be available for an additional charge.

For more information and details on tiered pricing, or to purchase tickets, visit

Off Topic Conversations

Burial Beer Co. wants to lead the discussion on important topics facing the brewing industry and the event’s Off Topic Conversations are designed to do just that.

Titled “Leadership in Craft Beer – How Gender Roles Influence How We Lead” will explore current trends and future plans with noted brewers, while “Music and Craft Beer – The Flow of Inspiration” will take time out with Atlanta-based rapper Grip, as well as an announcement of a beer and vinyl release with psychedelic trio Expo Seventy and Unseen Creatures Brewing & Blending.

Tapping Into Something

Burnpile began more than 10 years ago when a group of friends from Seattle moved to Asheville and began to celebrate life and the bounty of the season with food shared alongside harvest-inspired beers.

The move eventually resulted in the opening of Burial Beer Co. in 2013 with Asheville’s South Slope taproom.

Today, Burial Beer Co. is home to two locations, owner Doug Reiser added a second brewpub in Biltmore Village. The brewery crafts a range of beers from hoppy ales to dessert stouts to barrel-aged sours and wild ales to rustic lagers. At Burial, however, it’s not all about the beer, as the company has followed up its crowd-pleasing beer with a selection of varietals from Burial’s VISUALS winery.

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