“Altruistic Genius: Buckminster Fuller’s Plans to Save the Planet” opens with a public tour from 6-7 p.m. Thursday, April 20, at the Asheville Art Museum. The exhibition is located on Level 1 of the Appleby Foundation Exhibition Hall through Aug. 21. Tickets are $7 for members and $10 plus general admission for nonmembers.

The exhibition brings the inventions and designs of R. Buckminster Fuller to Western North Carolina and introduces visitors to Fuller’s strategies for the sustainability of humans and the planet relating to housing, transportation, mathematics, and engineering.

It features two major suites of prints by Buckminster Fuller among other remarkable works from his multi-decade career and is presented in three sections: Inventions; Synergetics; and Black Mountain College and Lasting Influence. The Inventions portfolio, assembled in 1981 from Fuller’s career of explorations along with several existent models, represents Fuller’s foresight. In the late 1970s, Fuller published a series of mathematical systems and philosophies to be used in solving problems in all areas of human existence in his Synergetics portfolio.

Significant to Asheville, Fuller taught at Black Mountain College during the summers of 1948 and 1949. It was there that he importantly constructed his first geodesic dome as he experimented to develop more affordable housing. More than 30 major artworks by Buckminster Fuller join select examples by artists and designers directly impacted by Fuller’s innovations in art and design, including Jade Doskow, Kenneth Snelson, and Kirsten Stolle, among others.

The University of North Carolina Asheville’s STEAM Studio brings to life the designs of Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome and Geodesic Dome—two designs that transformed the history of modern architecture—through student-produced models on view in the exhibition. Welcoming visitors to the Museum, a replica of Fuller’s Dymaxion Car, on loan from the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, will be on view in the Museum’s Atrium for the duration of the exhibition.

More information may be found at ashevilleart.org.

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