Lake Logan Botanical art workshop

Norma Hendrix, retired art professor at Western Carolina University and founder/director of the internationally recognized arts organization, Cullowhee Arts, will lead students in a two-day Botanical Art workshop, June 14–15, 2021, at Lake Logan Conference Center, Canton, North Carolina. Participants will learn to make graphite rubbings, embellished with collage.

This workshop is for any level, including beginner.

The art of Frottage, or “Rubbings,” is a printmaking process done without the need of a printing press. Using simple graphite sticks, an accurate impression of plant material is “rubbed,” onto vellum paper.

“These rubbings become the basis of further creative exploration using collage materials, watercolors, and dry media, such as art graf chunks, and colored pencils,” said Hendrix. “Here, students and I will have access to acres of unspoiled wilderness, filled with compelling botanical specimens. I have coordinated and led dozens of artist workshops/retreats at Lake Logan as the director of Cullowhee Arts until COVID shuttered its doors. At that time, Lake Logan executive director Lauri SoJourner and I planned for some COVID-friendly, 2021 artist workshops that would access the ‘outdoor studio’ that is Lake Logan. I know first-hand the supreme beauty of its campus and how its environment naturally unlocks the creative spirit.”

Overnight single, double occupancy and commuter options are available at: Call 828-646-0095 for more information.

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