American Enigma

Artwork entitled "American Enigma" featured in the Thoughts on the Times: Reflections on Today’s Current of Racial Injustice and Violence in America exhibit by artist Joseph Pearson.

The Asheville School Fine Arts Department will open an exhibit featuring Asheville artist Joseph Pearson starting on Jan. 10. The exhibit, called “Thoughts on the Times: Reflections on Today’s Current of Racial Injustice and Violence in America,” will be on display in the Walker Art Center’s John M. Crawford Art Gallery.

Pearson says that he hopes his work will inspire viewers to make our society a better place. “I hope to awaken a conscious look at the current state of affairs,” he said. “Let us take whatever actions we can to make a change for the better: a better society and a better environment for our young people.”

As an artist, Pearson focuses on telling people’s stories and exploring humanity to inspire positive change. “I am interested in the transformative energy of art to heal social ills,” he writes in his artist statement. “No conversation is more worth having than that which addresses, to some degree, the condition of our fellow man.”

Casey Arbor, curator of the John M. Crawford Gallery, says that Pearson’s work will move and challenge those who engage with his art. “His powerful work demands attention and asks viewers to question current societal trends,” said Arbor. “This exhibition will encourage powerful, informative and thoughtful conversations around social justice.”

Pearson’s work will hang in the John M. Crawford Art Gallery from January 10 through March 1. The reception is free and open to the public, and the John M. Crawford Gallery hours are Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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