Art Sturtevant: Tales from the Sturteverse

Art Sturtevant: Tales from the Sturteverse

On Sturday, Jan. 19, The Magnetic Theatre will feature Art Sturtevant: Tales from the Sturteverse at 7:30 p.m.

It was the dawn of time — the early 1980's. DeLoreans and mullets roamed the Earth. And Art Sturtevant was doing stand up comedy. It was a golden age — a time of laughter and Ginsu Knife jokes and Lee Trevino imitations, but it ended suddenly in 1985. What happened? Some say he was frozen in a liquid nitrogen accident.

Others say he took a series of field management jobs with national corporations. Just as suddenly as he'd disappeared, Art surfaced again in the open mic venues of 2010.

Art's a smart, funny comic with the interests of a 20-year old and the body of a middle-age man.

His observations on pop culture, being a father and how you can change so much and so little over the span of decades have cracked up audiences all over the East Coast. 

Bio: Art Sturtevant has performed at Laughing Skull, Comedy Zones, Side Splitters, The Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, and -- back in the day -- NYC's Comedy Cellar, Catch a Rising Star, Sweeps and Triple Inn. Art's a contributing writer for Asheville Disclaimer, a weekly satire publication.

Tickets are $10, plus a $2 fee. 

To learn more about The Magnetic Theatre or for tickets, visit


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