Question: What do you get when you cross art and the law? Answer: A group of dedicated individuals representing both arenas coming together to elevate Western North Carolina.

During April 11-25, Asheville Art in Action will join Pisgah Legal Services in a virtual fundraising event where art will become a vehicle to raise funds to help those living in the 18 counties of Western North Carolina.

During the pandemic, the need for legal services has not stopped, and Pisgah Legal reports having served more than 20,000 people across the WNC mountain region.

PLS is a community-based nonprofit that has provided free civil legal aid to people with low incomes since 1978. PLS specializes in helping with issues that enable people to seek justice and meet basic needs. Focus areas include homelessness prevention, protection from domestic violence, income security and access to health care.

Simultaneously, during COVID-19, many artists have been greatly impacted, but they still want to give to their community. The Asheville Art in Action #AVLArtinAction is a new platform designed to benefit nonprofits and contributing Asheville artists equally, and is a cooperative effort between L Rowland Fine Contemporary Art ( and Mark Bettis Studio & Gallery (

The AVLArtinAction framework allows that to happen. The benefits feature a curated selection of Asheville-based fine artists and a rotation of nonprofit organizations doing important work in the community.

Select artists will offer works for sale through the AVLArtinAction site, which can be followed on Instagram at #AVLArtinAction. Members of the public gain the opportunity to purchase beautiful works of art and support their community simultaneously.

How to Purchase Artwork and Support Community:

Visit #AVLArtinAction on Instagram or go to and choose the artwork you would like to purchase. To make the purchase, simply indicate in the comment section on the Instagram page that you would like to purchase the work of art and/or message the artists directly through Instagram and they will respond to make the transaction for you.

You can also go to to view the artworks and email the artist directly with the name of the artwork you would like to purchase. Once your purchase is finalized, half of the proceeds will go to the artist; the other half will go to Pisgah Legal Services.

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