WNC Repair Cafe Offers to Fix It For Free

Old household items: TV, VCR, radio, camera, alarm, phone, recorder, abacus. Old household items isolated on white background.

Repair Cafe is a free event where people with broken things come together with the people who have the know-how to fix them.

The event is held in the spirit of community, education, resilience, and sustainability, not to mention the possibility of hot cider and donuts. Participants at WNC Repair Cafe believe that there is value in knowing how to repair, rather than replace your items, and will be offering repairs at no cost to any and all members of the community.

Specialists in small engines, sewing, bicycles, appliances, welding, tool sharpening, carpentry, electronics, and other areas have volunteered to lend a hand during the event. Volunteers are encouraged to share their skills, offering a unique opportunity to learn how to do it yourself the next time something breaks. While the volunteers have been recruited as specialists in certain areas, the scope of the repairs should be limited only by the imagination of the patrons; if it’s broke, they will try to fix it.

The first WNC Repair Cafe will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 23, from 5-8 p.m. at the Living Web Farms’ Biochar Facility at 220 Grandview Lane, Hendersonville NC.

To Register, visit: www.livingwebfarms.org/workshops

Visit the website for more details: www.livingwebfarms.org/WNCrepaircafe

Visit our facebook: www.facebook.com/WNCRepairCafe/

For questions and volunteer information contact Dan Hettinger at  Daniel.Hettinger@gmail.com or call 828-808-6417.

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