Passport Program: A Fun Way To Visit WNC Wineries

Attention wine lovers! There is a great new way to taste the wonderful wines of the member wineries of the French Broad Vignerons.  

Beginning on April 20, the winery members of the French Broad Vignerons will be offering residents and visitors an opportunity to rack up points each time they visit a different member winery and participate in a wine tasting. Additional points are earned if a visitor purchases bottles of wine at a winery.  

Passports will be available in Visitor’s Centers, member wineries, select wine shops and restaurants.  When a visitor goes to each winery they will have their Passport stamped or initialed when they do a tasting and again if they purchase a bottle of wine.  At the end of the November, Passports will be submitted to the French Broad Vignerons and points will be totaled for each Passport.  The passport will be placed into a box that corresponds to their points.  On or about December 15th, a Passport will be drawn from each box and prizes will be awarded.  The top prize for 2017 will be a gift certificate to FBV member wineries for $250.  Other certificates will be distributed from each corresponding prize pool.

Passport rules will be posted on the website  The event is open to any person of legal age.  Only one Passport per person.  Any person may enter, regardless of whether they visited a winery or not, but that entry will be entered in the lowest point category.

The Passport Program is a unique way to visit the outstanding FBV member wineries of Western North Carolina.  The various wineries offer a broad range of wine options.  All wineries grow and harvest their own grapes and then produce their own wine.  The Passport has a map included to help visitors plan their trips and every winery listing includes their web address to provide additional information.

About Shelby Harrell
Shelby Harrell is the editor of the Biltmore Beacon, editor of The Guide arts and entertainment publication and is a staff writer for Mountaineer Publishing. Originally from Asheville, she has worked in journalism for seven years and currently lives in Clyde, NC.