Your Doctor Visit Just Got Easier

Ashewell Medical Group, a new direct primary care clinic serving the Asheville area is opening in February 2017, ensuring that patients receive quality care from doctors who are able to spend real time with their patients.

Unlike traditional primary care practices, Ashewell Medical Group is a direct primary care facility, and their unique business model makes quality healthcare affordable to people whether they have insurance or not. Direct primary care brings healthcare back to what it once was — a service dedicated to patient care and not doctor paperwork.

Direct primary care facilities don’t generally bill through insurance companies, so Ashewell Medical Group’s doctors are free to work directly with patients without worrying about paperwork, annoying billing codes, and the ensuing insurance battles. Patients receive high-quality care without the high-quality price tag. Ashewell Medical Group offers fee-for-service care, and most typical procedures, labs, and medications are offered at or below regular retail prices.

At Ashewell Medical Group, patients are billed directly, which means they pay a low monthly membership fee and receive a variety of benefits unheard of at traditional care practices. Patients receive unlimited doctor access, including virtual care, extended and relaxed visits, wholesale medications, labs, imaging and a variety of diagnostic and procedural services at no extra cost. Ashewell Medical Group offers high-quality care — no insurance codes, no long wait times, and no worries.

To learn more about Ashewell Medical Group’s DPC facility or to take a tour of our facility, contact us today at (828)477-4077.

Ashewell Medical Group, a DPC clinic serving Asheville, provides exceptional care directly to patients. Direct fee-for-service care ensures that doctors spend less time on paperwork and more time on what matters — the patients. Ashewell Medical Group was founded by Dr. Carly Brown, a Board Certified Internist, who brings outstanding education, training and a wealth of experience to her patients. Ashewell Medical Group, is a modern, comfortable facility and excited to call the River Arts District its home. 

If you would like more information, please visit, email at, or call 828-477-4077.

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