Take Mom to See “Spring Into Dance: An Artistic Bouquet”

“Spring Into Dance: An Artistic Bouquet” is a gift to our community for Mother’s Day weekend – a professional production of all original choreography by Western North Carolina’s own ballet company and North Carolina’s oldest ballet company, The Asheville Ballet, directed by Ann Dunn.

During this show, five resident choreographers present their exciting new work on May 11-12 at7:30 p.m. at Diana Wortham Theatre.

Spring Concert Pieces:

Dunn’s new work, “Before The Gods Had Names,” is a four-part meditation on how good it is simply to be alive, to feel skin move through air. Choreography: Ann Dunn. Music: “Postludes” by Elliot Cole. Costumes: Kristin Alexandra Tidwell. Sculptures: Amelia Pate. Poem: Ann Dunn. Musicians: “earspace” members. Dancers: Stephane Wolfe (soloist), Jaime Thompson and Lane Wagner (duet), 24 members of The Asheville Ballet

Fleming Lomax presents a one-act ballet inspired by late author Libba Moore Gray’s story “My Mama Had a Dancing Heart.” Fitting for Mother’s Day weekend, the story follows the traditions of a mother and daughter as they dance through the seasons, conveyed through classical and contemporary ensemble sections sure to delight both children and adults. Although the narrative follows the journey of a mother and daughter, the ballet itself is an homage to all mentors who embrace life with a sense of wonder and model what it means to “live life with a dancing heart.”

In a culture where productivity is touted and busyness glorified, Tricia Renshaw’s “The Art of Doing Less” takes an alternative view.  Perhaps slowing down and experiencing moments of stillness can actually result in more joy and expansion in our lives.

Sandi Weinberg’s new work, “Networking,” is a personal depiction of the entrepreneurial struggle of embracing rejection and heralding acceptance.

Jessica Hodgins’ piece “Duality” is centered around the theme of learning to embrace one’s inner darkness in order to truly be content. By stifling our darker urges we only give them power over us through fear and shame, but by accepting them we become a true and whole version of ourselves.

Elliot Cole has performed his music with Grammy Winners Roomful of Teeth, Grammy Nominees A Far Cry and Metropolis Ensemble, as well as the Chicago Composers Orchestra, New Vintage Baroque, the Lucerne Festival Academy, and as a member of the book-club-band Oracle Hysterical.

Amelia Pate is currently a senior at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, pursuing her BA in Sculpture.  Alongside her studies at UNCA, Amelia has learned handweaving and utilizes natural materials, plant dyes, and Shibori techniques to create fabric with color, depth and dimension.  While exploring how to manipulate fabric into sculptural installations, her work evolves in direct conversation with light, experimenting with materials that enhance it’s mystery and more emotional dimensions.

earspace, conductor Vincent L. Povázsay, is an ensemble dedicated to creating invigorating, multi-sensory performances of music worth believing in. They seek to expose the inherent potentials within every moment and space, cultivating visceral reactions unique to every manifestation. Through their projects, earspace explores the extremities of contemporary performance and works to bring audiences closer to the music they experience.

Kristin Alexandra Tidwell believes that “art is an adventure that never ends.” She is an unconventional fusion artist and designer, intertwining creativity, wellness and design to make a difference in people’s lives and style. “Asheville is so fortunate to have a resident ballet company of this caliber,” says Ann Dunn, Artistic Director. “The community has, essentially, a year-long resident repertoire company. Seasoned ballet fans and novices alike have the opportunity to watch consummate professionals perform a wide variety of roles, from classical to contemporary.”

Tickets range from $15-50 and are available at the box office, 828-257-4530. For more information, please visit www.ashevilleballet.com.

For more information call Ann Dunn at  215-3728 or The Asheville Academy of Ballet at 828-252-4761.

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Shelby Harrell is the editor of the Biltmore Beacon, editor of The Guide arts and entertainment publication and is a staff writer for Mountaineer Publishing. Originally from Asheville, she has worked in journalism for seven years and currently lives in Clyde, NC.