Realtor Mark Fields Strives to Meet High Expectations

Mark Fields and Associates recently relocated to Biltmore Village./ Donated photo

Realtor Mark Fields has found a niche in marketing luxury properties in the Asheville area where he has lived for 27 years.

After working for established real estate companies, Fields launched his own business, Mark Fields & Associates, in downtown Asheville four years ago.

“Our company was the first company to focus on luxury properties,” he says.

Last November, Fields relocated his office to central Biltmore Village where he works with other agents who are part of his company.

Effectively marketing properties is a priority for Fields. Homeowners who are selling their multi-million dollar homes have high expectations, which Fields says he strives to meet.

“What is important for people who are selling properties is that the marketing be the best that money can buy,” he says. “We spend $3,000 to $5,000 to put a property on the market.”

To ensure the quality of marketing, Fields says he chooses photographers, graphic designers and writers with high-level skills.

“The first thing is the photography,” says Fields.

Properties that are well-represented with strong photos draw the interest of clients, he says.

While Fields focuses on luxury properties, the other agents associated with his business markets all kinds of properties, he says. However, a home that his company lists ideally has a unique quality, “a personality,” he adds.

Although his real estate business specializes in downtown Asheville and surrounding towns, Fields and his teams of agents work with properties as far away as Burnsville, Flat Rock, Black Mountain and Waynesville. And occasionally, they travel beyond these areas, he says.

A Florida native who spent many years living in the Bahamas, Costa Rica and California,

Fields says the beauty of the mountains brought him here.

“I fell in love with the Western North Carolina Mountains,” he says.

Fields discovered the Asheville area while looking at a real estate property in Hot Springs with a friend and decided to settle here.

Most of his life Fields has been associated with real estate—and has experienced some ups and downs in the business. When he was a youngster, Fields’ father owned a real estate development company in the Bahamian town of Freeport. In the 1970s, the Bahamian government declared independence and the Fields family was asked to leave the country.

After traveling in the world, Fields’ father settled in Costa Rica and created a travel service there. When he was in his early 20s, Fields began working in his father’s business for 15 years, and later started his own real estate company.

Although most of his life Fields has had a foothold the real estate business, he was involved in the environmental field for a time.

While living in Costa Rica, Fields said he developed strong concerns about destruction to the environment, particularly the rain forest in that country. After moving back to the United States, he founded a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching young people to value the environment.

“I’m very concerned about our world environment,” he says. “The damage we do affects us all … It breaks my heart. I continue to be concerned about that.”

Fields also has a passion for photography and has produced a couple of films in this area.

However, his primary focus is serving clients in his real estate business.

“My goal is for clients to look across the table (at closings) and smile at me,” Fields says. “I strive with every ounce of my being to be the best at what I do.”

By Sandra Barnes