Networking Group Shatters Glass Ceilings for Women Entrepreneurs

Beginning January 2018, women’s business networking group Women Entrepreneurs of Western North Carolina (WEWNC) and its partner organization FemCity Asheville will kick off the first Digital Sales with Soul marketing and sales program.

The event is aimed at empowering women across all industries to open up a new economic opportunity and more effectively sustain the community of female entrepreneurs in Western North Carolina.

“One of the main goals of WEWNC (Women Entrepreneurs of Western North Carolina) and its partner organization FemCity Asheville is to find ways to systematically raise the income of women in WNC. Women are the economic engines of any economy and if we want to advance the economy of WNC, we must strive to find viable solutions for bringing our females out of perpetual struggle,” said Emily Breedlove, founder of Small Town Ventures, a consulting, branding, and facilitating company serving rural entrepreneurs and communities across America.

The leadership behind WEWNC and FemCity Asheville identified that one way to begin diversifying the income streams of women across the region was to equip them with the skills and knowledge to conduct business online by developing passive revenue, remotely delivering services, and providing scalable products. Utilizing their pool of expertise and a regional survey, the FemCity Asheville networks and Board created a program that hit all of the main goals, as expressed by women leaders from across WNC – and thus, Digital Sales With Soul was born.

The series is set up as a monthly structure, with programs and events focusing on developing a mission statement, branding, marketing, content development, digital media, video, sales, and additional topics.

“Tenacious Tuesdays is the free monthly event hosted by WEWNC and FemCity Asheville. It is the first part of the program, since it hosts the opening keynote of the monthly trainer. All women are invited to attend Tenacious Tuesdays to hear the 60-minute presentation, introducing the month-long topic, and network with up to 150 women leaders from across the region,” said Breedlove.

Tenacious Tuesdays are hosted at Pack’s Tavern in Downtown Asheville and is recorded for those who are unable to attend. Additional programming is held online.

“Webinars and video conference calls are hosted on the WEWNC Zoom Account. All access is done remotely,” said Breedlove. “The Webinars are pre-recorded and are released to registrants a few days following Tenacious Tuesdays. The Webinars are 60 minutes long and introduce the “Action Plan” Template for each month, along with providing an intensive training around the topic. The Video Call will be conducted live to allow attendees to bring their remaining questions to the trainer and discuss amongst themselves. There will also be a Private Facebook Group where attendees can connect 24/7 with the Expert Trainer for the entire month.”

Scheduled speakers and topics include: life coach Krista-Lynn Landolfi (January-Mission), portrait photographer Cat Ford-Coates (February-Branding), co-founder and CEO of Kudzu Brands, Murphy Funkhouser Capps (March-Marketing), Communications Consultant Misti McCloud (April-Content), co-founder of JB Media Institute, Sarah Benoit (May-Digital), Video Marketing Strategist, Danielle McCLennan (June-Video), and Growth and Branding Strategist, Emily Breedlove (July-Sales).

Registrants can sign up at for the full 7-month package for $500 ($200 savings) through January 15th, and the 6 month package for $475 ($125 savings) through February 15th. Registrants can also select 3 months they wish to participate for $250 ($50 savings).

FemCity Asheville also offers several sponsorship opportunities, ranging from a monthly rate of $250, to annual programs ($2,500) for area companies.

For more information regarding participation, sponsorship, and registration, please visit

By Whitney Cooper