Learn to Make Sauces to Elevate Home Cuisine

A quick stroll through any grocery reveals rows upon rows of bottled concoctions designed to dress up your foods, from salad dressings to grill marinades.

Turning those bottles over sometimes reveals a surprising litany of ingredients, and added to price and packaging might make the conscientious eater question even the most creative sounding sauce.

On Aug. 24, Living Web Farms offers a class at the French Broad Food Co-op focused on making diverse and delicious sauces from scratch, right in the home kitchen.

Sauce making fundamentals begin with the French “mother sauces” which class instructors Patryk Battle and Meredith Leigh will share, along with variations and tips to understanding what base sauce is needed to create adaptations of one’s own.

“We will demonstrate some very basic techniques and de-mystify some more intimidating preparations, with the idea of making everything from marinara sauce to hollandaise easy and do-able for the home cook,” said Leigh.

In addition to tradition and fundamentals, the class will cover the science of sauces to help participants understand the necessary components and achieve balance in their home creations. Attendees will taste several sauces during the class, including salad dressings, béchamel, dessert sauces, vinaigrettes, and chutneys.

“Some very simple sauces can dress up some of the more familiar recipes in your rotation,” said Leigh, “introducing your family to new flavors, and also helping you move through garden bumper crops and even fridge leftovers.”

To register for Sauces to Elevate your Cooking, visit:http://livingwebfarms.org/workshops/sauces-to-elevate-your-cooking/

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