Katherine Kaderabek Finds a Family Culture at Beverly-Hanks

Katherine Kaderabek of Beverly-Hanks of Biltmore Park

Sitting in her office with a sweeping view of Biltmore Park Town Square, Katherine Kaderabek—better known as “K-K”—talks about her positive experience with Beverly-Hanks & Associates.

A former agent who now serves as vice president and managing broker for the Biltmore Park office of Beverly-Hanks, Kaderabek says she appreciates the local, family character of the business.

“To me, the most important thing about Beverly-Hanks is the culture. We’re a family… It’s a family-run company,” she says.

In the years she has been working for Beverly-Hanks, Kaderabek says she has seen significant growth. The impressive building where she works is in the center of Biltmore Park Town Square, a recent commercial and residential development that offers residents the opportunity to walk from their homes to shops and businesses.

Like Kaderabek, who has been with Beverly-Hanks for more than 11 years, many agents have longevity.

“We’ve got agents who have been with the company for 30 years,” she said.

Kaderabek said her keen interest in real estate led her to the profession.

“I was obsessed with it for many years,” she said of the real estate business.

Kaderabek began working as an agent in 2005, a few years before the financial crisis of 2008 when the real estate values began taking a downward spiral. Working in that depressed market was challenging; but she and other real estate agents were able to continue earning income, she notes.

“Those of us who were able to stick with it learned some good skills,” Kaderabek says.

As an agent, Kaderabek said she enjoyed getting to know people and forming relationships with them. And she also enjoyed negotiations associated with real estate transactions.

When she accepted the position of managing broker two years ago, Kaderabek moved away from her role as an active agent. She now helps agents with their negotiations and “tricky deals,” as well as serving as a general resource for them.

All of the 74 agents in her office are professionals who work full-time, she notes.

As a managing broker, Kaderabek says she encourages agents to be knowledgeable of the market and to focus on relationships with their clients, rather than on making sales.

“I tell them to stop selling and have relationships with people,” she says.

Kaderabek also encourages agents to help each other and work cooperatively.

“We are better together as a team,” she says.

However, selling homes is a goal, Kaderabek adds with a smile.

“We compete with each other; (but) we also believe that we live in abundance,” she remarks. “It’s a fun place to be, a real work hard, play hard environment.”

The family aspect of working at Beverly-Hanks exists on a personal level for Kaderabek. Her husband, Todd Kaderabek, is a real estate agent in the downtown Asheville office of Beverly-Hanks. The Kaderabeks have lived in Asheville since 1995 where two their children have grown up.

A native of Charleston, S.C., Kaderabek says she likes living in the mountains and the diversity of people she encounters in the Asheville community.

“It is a complete mix,” she says. “You’ve got people coming here for various reasons.”

In the real estate business, agents are working more frequently with young people who are first-time home buyers, Kaderabek adds.

In the desirable Asheville area, it can be challenging to help people find homes under $150,000.

“Inventory on the lower end is tight,” Kaderabek said.

In 1976, realtors Neal Hanks Sr. and George Beverly formed Beverly-Hanks through a merger of their separate agencies. Now Neal Hanks Jr. is the sole owner of the company.

With offices in Asheville, Hendersonville, and Waynesville, Beverly-Hanks has a large presence in the area’s real estate community, Kaderabek says.

By Sandra Barnes