Haywood Park Hotel Now Home to ‘Refreshing’ New Businesses

As another year passes, swept under the bridge of time, downtown’s historic Haywood Park Hotel now offers a trifecta of businesses to help residents withdraw the tide of time and greet the new year with sparklingly refreshed bodies and faces.

Stephanie Hargraves, a licensed aesthetician, message therapist and health coach, came to the hotel’s mezzanine level five years ago with Be Well Balanced, specializing in nutritional wellness, skin care and message services. Among these are integrated Swedish, and Thai massage techniques, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, and aromatherapy. These are utilized to create a relaxing massage treatment that is effective and therapeutic for sore muscles and tension related disorders of the muscular system. Related services Be Well Balanced offers include various facial cleansing and skin care therapies.

“We are an amenity for the hotel guests, but local people understand that we are more clinically oriented than your average spa therapist. Our messages are more substantial and go way beyond mere relaxation. Michael Neath and I use clinical techniques to address issues such as postural distortions, injuries, and soft tissue pain relief.” Hargraves’ inspiration is perpetually renewed by her ongoing continuing education in message services.

Melissa Markis, a licensed aesthetician with Skin Spa of Asheville, located her business in the hotel’s atrium in 2013, specializing in a full slate of facials from deep pore cleansing, and chemical peels, to permanent removal of hair with lasers, and a variety of spa treatments including waxing, makeup application, body treatments, nail care, and eyelash enhancements.

“It is often said, but it is truly my passion to help my clients achieve the best skin possible. I always seek out the most innovative technology and results driven products including my own skin care line. Together we can reach the goal of a beautiful complexion.”

Allan Zacher is a medical doctor with a background in interventional pain management, but foremost he considers himself an artist, with photography and woodwork being his original media. In 2008, he started Mountain Radiance after becoming intensely interested in the use of modern scientific techniques to create artistic “age reversal effects.” Zacher recently relocated his practice from Clyde to the hotel’s atrium.

“What really drives me in this business is the ability to deliver patient satisfaction with the routine medical techniques we have at our disposal,” he said.

His clinical procedures now include laser skin resurfacing and injections of Botox and Juvederm, adding volume to different areas of the face to lift cheeks, smooth facial lines, or plump the lips. “Botox helps correct fine lines and wrinkles from the eyes up, and Juvederm typically corrects age related defects from the eyes down,” he said.

“We can reduce or sometimes eliminate frown lines that have become permanent, for instance frown lines between the eyebrows. When Botox is skillfully provided most people won’t notice the difference but the face looks fresher, and Botox has the tendency to make people look a little bit younger.”

For non-facial skin resurfacing, Zacher uses a carbon dioxide laser to produce a beam of high energy infra red light. When applied to the skin this laser causes limited thermal damage resulting in the production of new skin over a period of time following the treatment. Although a medical doctor normally does this procedure, Markis as a licensed aesthetician can also treat fine spider veins and age spots on the face, hands, arms and chest under Zacher’s direction with the less invasive Intense Pulsed Light. 

“Over the years I have been skeptical that certain cosmetic treatments really work, such as Thermage for example, and some of the alleged “fat melting laser” techniques. I have thus focused on treatments, techniques and medications that in my experience I know to be effective regardless of whether the FDA has approved them. Some things the FDA has approved don’t really work, and there are other things not FDA approved that most certainly do work to achieve the desired result,” he said.

While maintaining a healthy skepticism of new products and techniques, Zacher embraces those that prove do to be effective. “We now have such marvelous advances as the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and adipose tissue (fat) transfer, which contains growth factors and stem cells to truly rejuvenate tissues. I myself have had PRP to treat early arthritic knee pain, and I can tell you this technique really does work. My knees have had amazing improvement following a year of nearly everything else except surgery.”

Zacher’s practice also includes a weight loss clinic, focusing primarily on counseling and lifestyle changes. “I do prescribe weight loss medications to help patients achieve their goals, but for lasting results the patient must embrace exercise and dietary restrictions.”

Be Well Balanced can be reached through their website at www.BeWellBalancedLiving.com. Skin Spa of Asheville can be reached at www.SkinSpaAsheville.com. Mountain Radiance can be reached at www.MountainRadiance.com, or call Dr. Allan Zacher’s office at 828 627-2711. 

By Mark-Ellis Bennett