Eat Pie & Smile: Head to the Baked Pie Company — Where the Air Is Sweet

Kirsten Fuchs at Baked Pie Company

Kirsten Fuchs and her daughter were searching for a space to enjoy a fresh slice of homemade pie and cup of coffee in South Asheville in the summer of 2016.

When their search failed to turn up prospects in South Asheville, downtown, and other surrounding areas, the mother-daughter duo realized there was a niche that needed to be filled – and thus, The Baked Pie Company was born.

With a love of baking and a few pie recipes – including The Baked Pie Company’s most popular dessert, the Honey Pecan Pie – Fuchs set out to find a baker and location in South Asheville that would make customers feel like they were enjoying a slice of freshly baked pie in the kitchen of their grandparent’s home.

“I had a vision of opening a space that felt like home – with a chic vintage interior – and I saw a lot of potential opening space in South Asheville where it’s not as congested as downtown… I’m a home baker, but I also knew I wasn’t a baker. I collaborated with our pastry chef, Emily McCarthy, for six months before our opening to combine both of our recipes to create the rotating menu we have,” said Fuchs.

The Baked Pie Company offers a rotating menu of curated cold and warm sweet pies including: honey pecan, oatmeal, blueberry muffin, sugar crack, pecan cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie, lemon meringue, shoofly, chocolate cream, chocolate peanut butter, apple crumb, cranberry cobbler, lemon chess, chocolate pecan and Hawaiian pineapple. Sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan pie options are always available.

Pie offerings are changed daily (visit their website or Facebook page for the day’s current offerings), and when just one slice of pie isn’t enough — a pie flight, offering three slices of pie (warm or cold) with a scoop of ice cream on the side. Coffee, lemonade and other basic café beverages are also on the menu.

Customers can enjoy their pies to go, or enjoy the vintage chic space which features plenty of upcycled hand-painted tables and chairs — a great option for a post-dinner date, vintage books and tchotkis (all of which are available for sale), wi-fi, and a toy box filled with small stuffed animals for children to play with.

Fuchs is a firm believer in offering a space that is community-minded – she runs a pie- it- forward program for customers to purchase a slice of pie for another, and offered free pie for recent visitors evacuating during Hurricane Irma

“I really love meeting and connecting with everyone that comes through the doors. I like to find out more about everyone — where they’re from, talking to their kids,” Fuchs said when discussing her favorite part of running Asheville’s only pie shop — and her work has paid off as The Baked Pie company will be opening a second location in Woodfin’s Reynolds Village this October.

For more information about The Baked Pie Company, or to place an order, visit or their South Asheville location at 4 Long Shoals Road, Arden. The company will start taking orders for Thanksgiving beginning Oct. 10.

By Whitney Cooper