CitruSolution Offers Carpet Cleaning with Convenience

Betsy and Bryant Smith have recently launched Citrusolution, a carpet cleaning company, in Asheville.

After working for CitruSolution, an innovative carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, Bryant Smith recently decided to launch his own franchise in Asheville.

He and his wife, Betsy Smith, are now going to area homes and businesses to clean carpets and upholstery using a specially formulated citrus-based cleaner, which they say is very effective and leaves no residue.

“I like the work and the product—a product that cleans amazingly well,” Bryant says.

Using a low-moisture process, the citrus solution is sprayed on an entire carpet with a backpack sprayer. A rotary machine with a bonnet and brush system is then used to clean the carpet fiber and wick up debris. To finish the cleaning process, the carpet is dry vacuumed.

“The great advantage is that there is no sticky residue,” Bryant says of the Citrusolution process.

Carpets also dry much more quickly than a more traditional method of cleaning that uses a hose and large quantities of water, he notes.

The CitruSolution cleaner, which is made from lemon and orange peels, fundamentally repels dirt, rather than attracting it as soap-based carpet cleaners do, Bryant says. This cleaning solution is also a natural de-greaser and can neutralize oxidation and yellowing of carpets, which could lead to fading of color.

The cleaner is also pet-friendly and removes allergens such as dust mites from carpets, according to information on the company’s website.

The CitruSolution cleaning process is ideal for both wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs, Betsy says. Large area rugs can be inconvenient to remove and take to a cleaner, she remarks.

“Our advantage is that we can do them more conveniently on site,” Betsy says.

The Smiths spend their days traveling to homes and businesses in their van adorned with the colorful Citrusolution logo.

“People appreciate excellent service at a good value,” Betsy says.

An Atlanta native, Bryant began his career as an attorney who focused on civil litigation. He later transitioned to the real estate business while also devoting himself to raising his children.

While at a networking event a few years ago, Bryant met a businessman who owned a CitruSolution franchise in the Atlanta area. He began working for the company, which he found a rewarding enterprise.

“The one thing that sold me on buying into this business is that every day we’re putting a smile on someone’s face,” Bryant said.

The Smiths’ decision to move to Asheville last October was an easy one for the couple.

Bryant became acquainted with the area while attending the Asheville School in the 1970s.

“I fell in love with the surrounding countryside,” he says.

While going to school in Asheville, Bryant became involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing, which he found rewarding.

Betsy, who grew up in Ohio, also loves the beauty of the Asheville area and the opportunities it offers.

“I’m a real outdoors person,” she says.

The couple’s Asheville home is within a mile of the Blue Ridge Parkway where they easily can go to hike.

Betsy also says she appreciates the relaxed atmosphere of Asheville, especially compared to bustling, traffic-laden Atlanta.

Since moving to Asheville, the Smiths have been connecting with hiking groups and are also going to clubs where they enjoy music and dancing.

Both of the Smiths are musicians who have found jam sessions in Asheville in which they can participate. Bryant brings his mandolin and Betsy her guitar or harmonica to casual venues in downtown Asheville.

For the couple, a new business in a beautiful locale is a welcome change in their lives.

For more information, call CitruSolution at 828-747-1432.

By Sandra Barnes