The SuperHappy Trivia Challenge is March 15

Rodney Smith


With 18 shows under the belt, the cast and crew of the SHTC roll back into the Magnetic Theatre for another all-original night of comedy and music. The show is a fond callback to those wonderfully cheesy afternoon game shows of the 1970’s, without the pesky FCC to censor all the fun.               

The show has a lot of new faces making their way onstage this month. Due to an unfortunate incident at a company retreat involving a conspiracy of rabid lemurs, the producers have found they have a need for new bodies to join the panel. To that, they welcome new talent Cary Nichols and George Heard to the show along with stalwarts Barbie Angell and Jeff “Clamato” Catanese.  

Host Adam Arthur declared recently that the theme for this show shall be The Ides of March, and though he has yet to explain what that means, we’re sure he’ll figure it out by showtime. Rounding out the night is the delightfully weird and sometimes spooky house musician, Anthony Willingham plus the never seen but always heard announcer, Troy Burnette.

The show will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Magnetic Theatre, 375 Depot St. in Asheville. Tickets cost $16-$18.

For tickets and more information, go to or 


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