Jeremy Phillips Exhibition is Coming to Pink Dog Creative

Asheville artist Jeremy Phillips will have a solo exhibition of his work at Pink Dog Creative Gallery in the River Arts District, Asheville.

The exhibit runs from Aug. 18 through Sept. 30 at the Pink Dog Gallery, 348 Depot St. There will be an artist reception on Friday, Aug.18, from 6-9 p.m.

The exhibition is called “Impossible Interior Babel” showcasing 45 paintings and 3 sculptures in 4 diverse series that maneuver through themes of impossible perceptions, interior spaces and playful riffs on Pieter Breugel’s Tower of Babel paintings. This show wants you to revel in the unresolved, find your place in empty rooms, and reflect on the confusion of our own Babel moment. 

In the statement of a recent show, Phillips answered the question: Why make paintings anymore?

“For me [paintings] are something solid in a digital world, images that remain long after the media circus has flown by, perpetual presences that invite you to linger rather than flit off to the next piece of eye candy. A painting should be something you can live with and that keeps talking back,” he said.

Phillips creates paintings that feed the eye as well as the mind, with a luscious use of oil paint, commercial fabrics, strong bright colors, and sharp lines. 

Jeremy Phillips was born in California and has lived around the world. He teaches Humanities and Religious Studies at Haywood Community College and UNC-Asheville. He has been exhibiting his art since his first show in London in 2008. This will be his 7th Asheville area exhibition. He and his local lingerie designer wife, Elise Olson, live in West Asheville. Visit or follow him ona Instagram @jeremyphillipsart.

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