Hear Early Blues, Country and Old-time Music at Isis

Martin Grosswendt and Susanne Salem-Schatz are coming to Isis Music Hall on Sunday, March 4 for a 5:30 p.m. show at 743 Haywood Road in Asheville.

Start with two compelling voices, an uncanny sense of harmony and a deep grounding in traditional American music. Add stunning guitar work and a warm, intimate performance style, and you have Martin Grosswendt and Susanne Salem-Schatz.

Martin is internationally known as an interpreter of pre-war blues and other roots music, playing early in his career with folk legends such as U. Utah Phillips, Rosalie Sorrels, and Jim Ringer & Mary McCaslin. A veteran of Boston’s roots music scene, Susanne slips seamlessly into any genre; soulful blues singer one minute, sassy honky-tonk gal the next.

Martin and Susanne’s performances strike a deep emotional chord. They share their deep love and respect for the roots of classic blues, old time, and early country as they make the music their own, presenting it with style, grace and wit.

Tickets cost $12/$15 and can be purchased www.isisasheville.com/events/ or by calling 828-575-2737.

Learn more at martingrosswendt.com/martin-and-susanne/.

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