PTSD Trauma Resolved – Is It Really Possible?

A clinical psychologist who has made stunning progress in the treatment of veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder published a book late last year written for affected veterans and their families, PTSD Symptoms Reversed Permanently.

Dr. George Lindenfeld has just released a new book titled Brain on Fire: A Therapist’s Guide To Extinguishing the Flames of PTSD, written especially for health care practitioners working with PTSD patients in both the civilian population and in the military.

“I have developed a treatment that places the condition into remediation,” he said.

The new book explores what he calls “RESET Therapy,” or Reconsolidation Enhancement by Stimulation of Emotional Triggers.

“What it means is that trauma is stored in the memory network of the brain and in the body. It may be altered by use of certain audio frequencies to block restoration of the memory when it is recalled,” Lindenfeld said. The process is that a brain circuit switch can literally be turned off restoring the patient to a pre-trauma state.

A hand held instrument called a BAUD, or Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device emits the audio frequency. It has been registered by the FDA, and approved for use on humans as a Class II biofeedback device, meaning it has been determined to be as safe and easy to use as other Class II devices such as heating pads and hearing aids.

Brain on Fire has eight chapters, and the first explains how the book got its name.

Dr. George Rozelle, a neuropsychologist, conducts QEEG (Quantitative electroencephalography) Brain Mapping to create a comprehensive assessment of brain function through computer assisted analysis of EEG data.

In one case study on a veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), brain maps were made before and after treatment with the BAUD. Nineteen surface electrodes record brain wave signals that can be viewed on a computer screen and digitally stored for later analysis. A trained professional can then visually examine the brain wave patterns and perform statistical analyses.

Lindenfeld said a color-coded head map is the result of this process and can give a pictorial representation of how EEG power is distributed in the brain, as well as how different parts of the brain are communicating with each other.

“The results of the spectral analysis are displayed in color-coded topographic maps, and statistical reports,” he said. “Brain waves are produced at different frequencies that have been traditionally classed into five groupings, Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and High Beta.”

These frequency bands represent different levels of arousal in the brain from low (Delta) to high (High Beta). Research has found the brain map to have reliability that is equal or superior to routinely used clinical tests such as blood tests, MRI, and CAT scans.

Reviewing the red areas on the brain map that show excessive EEG activity on the pretreatment brain map Rozelle commented, “My God his brain’s on fire.”

In his summary of this case study Lindenfeld wrote, “If this is what it feels like inside when one has PTSD, we can now understand and appreciate the lifetime of misery that someone with the condition experiences on a daily basis.” Lindenfeld added that we can now also see that within a time frame of five to twenty minutes a seemingly miraculous transformation can occur.


Subsequent chapters of Brain on Fire explore why the BAUD works and how reconsolidation of memory affects us at a genetic level, the effect working with trauma patients can have on therapists, new and emerging therapies, and a chapter memory.

“In the final chapter I wrote about a new circuit that’s been found that triggers the ‘freeze response,’ as opposed to fight or flight. Many women have experience it when they’re being raped and can’t move. We can now free this by tuning into that circuit,” Lindenfeld said.

Dr. Frank Lawless created the BAUD about 12 years ago, but has not conducted the kind of formal research that would be published in scientific journals. Lindenfeld has submitted a study proposal to a human research committee called Quiet Mind Foundation to conduct a study with 36 combat veterans in Sarasota, Florida. It would include three groups, or cohorts of 12, each consisting of four veterans that served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Quiet Mind Foundation sent Lindenfeld a letter of approval on Aug.25.

PTSD Symptoms Reversed Permanently and Brain on Fire: A Therapist’s Guide To Extinguishing the Flames of PTSD can be purchased at and on Kindle.